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How to stop searching for your Zoom link when sending a calendar invite

Wong Joon Ian

One of my great frustrations in sending out calendar invites for meetings was having the calendar open, then stopping, switching to Zoom, clicking in Meetings, then ‘Copy Invitation’, then going back to the calendar and pasting the Zoom details in the tiny little window.

I’m pleased to say I got around that for the past month by using a great text expander app called aText.

As I note, you can do this with other text expander apps, or even natively on OS X or iOS within your Keyboard settings. But aText is $4.99 and lets you do a bunch of other cool stuff like dynamic variables (e.g. type ‘ttoday’ anywhere to get today’s date) and fill-in-the-blank templates (useful for routine emails or Twitter DMs, for instance).


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