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Timeboxing consulting hours

I spend a lot of time consulting on projects these days. One of the perils of the job is budgeting sufficient amounts of time for each client. One heuristic my colleague Nolan Bauerle suggested, which I like, is for every unit of time spent talking to the client, you should reserve the same unit for […]

How to stop searching for your Zoom link when sending a calendar invite

One of my great frustrations in sending out calendar invites for meetings was having the calendar open, then stopping, switching to Zoom, clicking in Meetings, then ‘Copy Invitation’, then going back to the calendar and pasting the Zoom details in the tiny little window. I’m pleased to say I got around that for the […]

Notes on reading and note-taking with Bear

I just read this Superorganizers interview with Robert Cottrell who writes a newsletter called The Browser. The headline, of course, caught my eye: this guy reads 1,000 articles a day! At the end of the interview, Cottrell talks about using an app called Bear, which is billed a beautiful note-taking app. This, naturally, grabs my […]

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