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The Personal Talkens Meetup

Personal Talkens is a regular meetup to talk about personal tokens. People who attend are token issuers, liquidity providers, investors, creators and tool-makers. It’s organised by me and Annaliese Milano.

What are personal tokens? They are a type of cryptocurrency or blockchain artefact that is in the same broad category as social or community tokens. Here are some pieces about them:

Personal Talkens happens virtually every three weeks or so, with two featured speakers and the chance to ask them and each other a bunch of questions. It’s mainly a space for people to figure out what personal tokens are useful for, and how to use them. The whole thing is a big experiment.


Subscribe to the Personal Talkens public calendar so you’ll know when the next one happens.

Speak at Personal Talkens

RSVP and Networks

Personal Talkens uses Kickback for registration. Kickback is a platform that lets people place a deposit on a free meetup, and receive that deposit back if they attend. If they don’t attend, the deposit is forfeited and distributed to attendees.

When gas prices are affordable, we use Kickback on the Ethereum mainnet. The mechanics here are simple: Buy $JOON on Uniswap and stake it on Kickback to attend.

Since gas prices rose over the summer of 2020, we moved registration to Kickback on the xDAI sidechain. The mechanics here became convoluted because there was no easy way to buy $xJOON, and the cost of crossing assets from mainnet to the sidechain remained high.

We are thus trying: Complete $xJOON subsidy; staking with xDAI and receiving a bonus of $xJOON in return. Here’s a piece explaining it from Kickback. The latter mechanism will be tried with Personal Talkens #5 in mid-October 2020.

We’ll experiment with different tokens and staking mechanisms over time.

Where to buy $JOON

  1. Uniswap $JOON
  2. ‘Over the counter’ by direct message to @joonian

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