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Why I shouldn’t have used WordPress

Wong Joon Ian

I triumphantly tweeted my new website address the other day and the backlash was swift.

“Look at my new website!” I chirped.

Then to show my new, cool, website-owning chops, I complained about WordPress.

(Just to add that Tweet I had to fiddle around in the blocks menu for five seconds).

My colleague Brady Dale made his displeasure known immediately.

Pride wounded, I put on a brave face and asked what he would have done differently. What followed was a list of interesting publishing options that I intend to try out at some point.

So here’s a list of ’em:

Shoutout to Julien Genestoux who’s telling me to put premium content behind his super-cool NFT paywall Unlocked Protocol. It will happen, Julien, but bear with this WordPress-using noob for now.


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